Acquisition System




ReviewSystem is a state-of-the-art reputation management platform for public facing SMEs that allows businesses to monitor, collect and qualify customer reviews before they’re published online.


While ReviewSystem had a valuable software solution for its target market, their early growth stage meant limited referral-based revenue and lack of understanding around the best message-market fit.


To find customers most suited for ReviewSystem’s solution, we built a list of companies featuring review widgets on their site or having more than 1000+ reviews on a public platform. Using our 4-phase offer testing approach, we then used email outreach to identify that ReviewSystem’s customers most valued the software’s Gatekeeping feature and its effectiveness in preventing reputation damage. With this knowledge, we built & launched a multi-channel acquisition system that consisted of automated Email & LinkedIn outreach to drive Demo bookings.


Within a working week of going live, the acquisition system achieved a response rate of 5.8%, generated 7x interested prospects and converted 5x demo bookings for the ReviewSystem team. In the following three weeks, we implemented additional optimisations and converted a further 43x demo bookings. The ReviewSystem team now continues to run this system and generate demos independently of us.


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